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Practical Legal Advice for the Modern Economy.

B&I Legal Counsel  is founded on a simple idea: that legal services should reflect the changes in the modern economy. That is why we blend a mixture of legal experience and technological innovation to provide significant value to our clients. This is demonstrated by our commitment to provide practical business-oriented legal advice and investing in the latest technologies that enable our lawyers to provide value from anywhere there is an internet connection. 

Legal Services We Provide


We provide practical legal advice to small and medium-sized businesses to facilitate their economic growth.


We help clients develop new forms of revenue through licensing their intellectual property.


We negotiate record and licensing deals for clients in the entertainment and music industry.

Dispute Resolution

We design and implement legal strategies that resolve commercial legal disputes quickly and efficiently.

Real Estate

We help clients close their commercial and residential real estate transactions.

General Legal Counsel

We provide project-based legal services for companies who need ongoing legal advice during their periods of growth.

Why choose us
Our Proposition

There are lots of lawyers and law firms out there, each offering their own value proposition for you to consider. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider our services.

Some lawyers pride themselves on their reputation of being the most aggressive law firm in town. We believe that the most aggressive lawyers do not necessarily acheive the best results for clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide practical legal advice. Where necessary, we come up with business solutions to solve legal problems. 

Technology is changing the face of every industry. Legal services are no different.

We are committed to using technology to enhance the effectiveness of our lawyers. This commitment is demonstrated by the use of cloud technology throughout our practice and the development of our own proprietary legal software.

As a result of this commitment, our lawyers are more efficient and provide more value to clients.

We firmly believe that the best legal advice is not the advice that resolves a dispute but the advice that ensures the client is at the least risk of a dispute arising.

That is the reason why we have invested in systems and processes that allow us to deliver pro-active legal advice. It is also the reason why we constantly experiment with new approaches to deliver value to our clients at an accessible price.

The modern economy is very different than the economy of previous generations. Automation is one of the defining characteristics of this modern economy. Modern businesses find new ways to generate revenue through the development of licensing streams.

We help clients adapt to these new developments by finding ways to automate their business processes and building new opportunities to generate revenue.

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